Business Spanish lessons
at your workplace

Our Spanish lessons for business are designed to meet the needs of busy professionals. A qualified, native-speaker trainer will come directly to your workplace (or anywhere else that suits you) to deliver quality Spanish tuition, tailored to your professional goals.

Business Spanish courses

Unlike old-fashioned teaching methods used by most language schools, a business Spanish course with Spanish Trainers focuses exclusively on the skills and vocabulary that are relevant to your individual needs. For example presentation skills, formal letter and email writing, meeting etiquette or a industry-specific themes.

Business Spanish lessons with Spanish Trainers also offer an essential insight into Latin American and Spanish-speaking business culture. All of our Business-specific trainers have experience in the professional world or a business language training background. Often they have both.

How does it work?

Simply tell us where and when you want the first lesson and we will arrange for a qualified Spanish teacher to come to you. To ensure you start making progress from the very first lesson, it helps if you can give us an idea of your language level. If you are not sure, we can help you find your level, free of charge.

If you have specific needs or are aiming towards a particular target, be sure to let our team know when you are making your inquiry so that we can find the perfect teacher and design the right course for you.

Your progress is constantly monitored and a certificate of attainment is issued upon successful completion of the course.


Our trainers are very flexible but, when possible, it is better to have a quiet space set aside for the tuition. This means that learners can focus on developing their Spanish without distractions. Examples could be an office, canteen or staffroom.

One-to-one and small group classes

Our teachers have experience of teaching in a variety of circumstances. For maximum progress, one-to-one or two-to-one Spanish lessons are highly effective as the teacher dedicates a great deal of time and attention to each student. With groups (up to 10 learners) it is important that each student should have a similar standard of Spanish, to ensure balanced and engaging classes for all participants.