How do I know my level of Spanish?

Your trainer will assess you during the first class, from which point all content will be personalized according to your level. For a rough outline of levels to help with an approximate self-assessment, see the definitions laid out by the official DELE exams.

How quickly will I progress?

Your rate of progress depends on how much time you dedicate to study both with your trainer and in your free time. Your trainer will provide you with as much homework as you wish. This said, you will certainly make faster progress with Spanish Trainers than in an old-fashioned language school.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of attainment that confirms successful completion of the course and your progression with Spanish.

Where will my teacher be from?

Your teacher may be from Latin America, Spain or the USA having grown up in a Spanish-speaking environment. Spanish is a very international language and, unless you request otherwise, you will be taught international Castellano. Be sure to mention if you would rather learn Spanish as used in mainland Spain as there are some syntactical differences (use of verbs, personal pronouns, etc.).

Can I specify a male or female teacher?

As far as possible, we will aim to satisfy all of your requirements regarding your teacher.

Will I have the same trainer throughout the course?

In most cases you will have the same trainer from your first Spanish class to your last, but we cannot guarantee it as trainer's personal circumstances can change. If, for any reason, your trainer cannot complete your course, we can usually find you a replacement with little or no interruption.

Are your trainers fully qualified?

All of our trainers are native speakers have either a qualification in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE), a relevant university degree or, in some cases, significant experience of teaching Spanish to speakers of other languages.

Can I have a "taster" lesson?

A single lesson is not long enough to decide on the value of Spanish training. Our teachers do a great deal of work to prepare for each individual class and would be very reluctant to put in many hours to prepare for a single class. As such, we cannot offer "taster" lessons.

Can I change trainer?

If you want to change trainer, that is possible. Fortunately, this is a rare occurrence.

How many people can study in the same group?

Groups of up to 10 learners are possible, but bear in mind that more learners means less time the teacher can devote to each individual. For optimum progress, 6 or fewer would be ideal. For online courses, we recommend a maximum group size of 4.

How do I arrange study times and dates?

For the first lesson, you will arrange a time and location via phone or email with our team. After that, you can arrange directly with your trainer.

Do I need to arrange a classroom?

You can take your Spanish classes anywhere, but we recommend finding a space that is quiet and peaceful, so you can focus on the new knowledge you are receiving.

How often should I schedule classes?

We recommend taking at least one day off between classes to let the new knowledge sink in.

Can I book a class at the weekend or in the evening?

Yes, absolutely. Our teachers are highly flexible and will work to accommodate your hours. Spanish Trainers offers the ultimate in flexibility.