Spanish Courses in Los Angeles

Our unique approach to language education means that you can enjoy Spanish tuition in Los Angeles whenever and wherever you want, with a teaching style adapted to your personal needs. Simply tell us the venue your first class and when you will be available and we will send a fully-qualified, native speaker Spanish trainer to deliver your Spanish course in Los Angeles.

Business Spanish courses

Learning with a native speaker either one-to-one or in a small group is the fastest way to fluency in America’s fastest-growing language. Our trainers have years of experience and are assisted by an expert academic support team to ensure that your course is personalized for you. Let your trainer know why you are learning Spanish and you will receive tuition designed to help you achieve your goals in a fast, great-value way.

One-to-one or small group Spanish classes in Los Angeles

Learning Spanish from an experienced, native spanish-speaker teacher is the fastest way to develop your Spanish skills. Your course will be based on a tried-and-tested curriculum but will be shaped to your needs, so be sure to tell your trainer why you are learning Spanish and what you aim to achieve. If you request it, your trainer can provide extra out-of-class work to complete on your days off, based on your interests.

  • Preparing for an extended vacation in Latin America or Europe
  • Learning Spanish for family reasons
  • Understanding and enjoying Latin culture

Before your first class, just let us know when and where you would like to study and, if possible, a rough idea of your language level and we will send a hand-picked Spanish trainer to you.

Business Spanish classes in Los Angeles

Our business Spanish classes in Los Angeles are typically delivered by trainers with a background in business, a specialized business teaching qualification or both. Simply let your trainer know if there are any topics that are of special interest to you and your course will be tailor made to ensure you achieve your goals. Spanish is one of the most important languages of international business and typical requests include:

  • E-mailing and phone calls in Spanish
  • Spanish-language presentation preparation
  • Latin American cultural awareness training
  • Spanish-language meeting etiquette
  • Industry-specific vocabulary and jargon
  • Formal letter writing in Spanish

Let us know your goals and your course will be adapted to your needs.

Why choose Spanish Trainers?

Learn Spanish in Los Angeles with Spanish Trainers and you will benefit from first-class Spanish tuition tailored to your individual needs and goals. If you need to focus on a specific topic or area of vocabulary, just let us know and our academic support team will help your trainer develop the perfect course for you. Whatever your current language level, your course will help you improve rapidly and gain confidence using and understanding Spanish. Learning from a native Spanish speaker means you will enjoy cultural insight alongside the linguistic benefits of developing an authentic accent. And, best of all, you can take your Spanish classes wherever and whenever you want, even on evenings and weekends.

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