Tailor-made Spanish classes
at your workplace or home

With Spanish Trainers, your Spanish course will be designed according to your individual requirements. So, whether you want to learn Spanish for business or pleasure, you will make rapid progress and develop practical language skills. Let your teacher know what you want to learn and they will deliver course content that perfectly matches your goals.

Business Spanish courses

Our teachers are supported by a highly qualified, in-house academic support team with experience in developing thousands of personalized language courses.

Spanish Trainers is not a language school. At a language school, you learn a general syllabus, some of which is relevant to you but most of which is not. We believe that when it comes to language learning, one size does not fit all!

Why choose Spanish Trainers for your Spanish classes

  • The most effective way to learn Spanish outside of full immersion
  • Years of experience delivering Spanish classes
  • Lessons when and where you want
  • Personalized course content
  • Rapid linguistic progress
  • Great value route to linguistic proficiency

Typically, beginner courses have a greater emphasis on speaking and listening, while more advanced courses include an increased amount of reading and writing work. This mirrors first language acquisition and is a proven way to develop rounded skills quickly.