When thinking of desirable Latin American vacation destinations, Honduras is one of the countries that is most often overlooked. But this Central American has plenty to offer visitors, both on the mainland and offshore. If you’re interested in an exotic-feeling getaway that focuses on nature, you’ll probably want to learn more about Honduras. Here are 3 of the country’s most beautiful destinations:

Utila [Photo Credit: Creative Commons 3.0, Rythie]

Útila [Photo Credit: Creative Commons 3.0, Rythie]


One of the 3 Islas de la Bahía, Útila is a peaceful and slow-paced island with one particularly interesting attraction: its famous whale shark population. While on the island, you’ll mingle with people of African, European, and Jamaican descent. While out at sea, you’ll swim alongside the largest fish on the planet. Despite having the world “shark” in its name and its massive size–whale sharks reach 40 feet or more in length–these gentile creatures are not aggressive and generally stick to a plankton diet.

Diving in Útila is surprisingly affordable and many budget conscious travelers who want to get PADI certification choose this island for their training. The island also boasts a year-round whale shark research center, which offers environmentally responsible snorkeling trips with these oceanic giants.

Copán Ruins [Photo Credit: Public Domain, Talk2winik]

Copán Ruins [Photo Credit: Public Domain, Talk2winik]

Valle de Copán 

If you’re looking for a place that is oozing with history and shrouded in mystery, the Valle de Copán will not disappoint. Spend a night in the nearby town of Copán Ruinas, then walk or hop on a tuk-tuk, or motorcycle taxi, for the short ride to the ruins. While they may not be as famous as Mexico’s Chitzen Itza, the impression they make on visitors is no less impressive.

From 300 to 900 A.D. this was the site of a major Incan city. Today, the site is ideal for travelers of all interests and fitness levels. There is plenty of shade and flat terrain for older folks or less active types, while those who feel up for a bit more activity can climb up a large pyramid and further explore the grounds on foot. It’s certainly worth it to hire a local guide to take you through the site and tell you about its fascinating history.

Parque Nacional La Tigra

Located near Tegucigalpa, Parque Nacional La Tigra is an adventurous hiker’s dream. There is a well developed trail system, complete with a detailed map at the entrance. This park is extremely humid and wet, so luckily parts of the trail have wood planks installed to help prevent falls in especially slippery areas. Don’t let that trick you into thinking the hiking here is easy, though–navigating the park’s trails, finding the waterfall, and reaching the highest point in the park can easily be a whole day’s work. A few charmingly basic river crossings add to the fun and authenticity of the park. La Tigra is home to all kinds of wildlife, including birds, bugs, and even frogs that are endemic to the area.

If you have a vacation to Honduras on the horizon, make sure to spend some time developing your Spanish skills before you go. Your trip will be all the more enjoyable and memorable thanks to your ability to communicate with the locals! Contact us to learn more about Spanish courses near you.