Few Americans know these key facts about Belize:  It is located just south of Mexico, the population is calculated to be just under 300,000 people, and its natural beauty is overwhelming. While its neighbor to the north, Mexico, attracts millions of international visitors each year, only the most in-the-know travelers have discovered all that Belize has to offer. If you’re excited at the prospect of venturing a bit further south to a less known destination, check out these unique tourist activities in Belize and get ready to book your ticket.

Snorkeling with Sharks in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve

With four sections, called “The Reef,” “The Seagrass Beds,” “The Mangroves,” and “Shark Ray Alley,” the Hol Chan Marine Reserve is a snorkeler’s paradise. “Hol Chan” is Mayan for “little channel,” and this area is nestled in a break that runs through the reef. The water is remarkably clear, and visitors get to swim alongside dozens of eagle rays, tropical fish, green turtles, and the big one–sharks. Not to worry, though, nurse sharks don’t pose a threat to humans. One word of wisdom–while you’re safe from a shark attack, don’t get caught between a ray and and its food or you might just get sucked on!



Photo Credit: Creative Commons, Cayambe

Hanging out with Iguanas in San Ignacio

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to hold a green iguana–or ten!–at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel’s Green Iguana Conservation Project. The project aims to educate locals and visitors about the the importance of these docile creatures in local ecosystems and repopulate the area. While visiting, you’ll be able to hold one iguana or even let a whole gang of them crawl all over you. Be sure to plan a visit, especially if you have kids.

Cave Tubing in Belize City

You’ll have your pick of wet and wild or mellow and relaxing when choosing a cave tubing tour in Belize. Float peacefully along a jungle river then into complete darkness as you enter the caves. Guides help spot out stalagmites and stalactites, which you can focus on with provided headlamps, and you may be treated to wildlife viewings as well. Round out your cave tubing adventure by adding on activities like zip lining, hiking, and other outdoor excursions.


Photo Credit: Creative Commons, Bernt Rostad

Climbing an Ancient Pyramid in Lamanai 

This stunning archeological site features three large pyramids known as the Mask, Jaguar, and High Temples. While Mexico and Central America are home to many ancient ruins, Lamanai is one of a limited number that allows guests to climb the stairs. Naturally, the view from above is incredible.


Photo Credit: U.S. Geological Society

Scuba Diving at the Great Blue Hole

No attraction in Belize is more well known that the Great Blue Hole. Aerial shots of this natural wonder show just how mysterious this one-of-a-kind scuba diving destination is. After a long boat ride, adventure-seekers jump into the center of the hole and start a descent to as much as 130 feet or deeper to see tropical fish, rock formations, and a wall of coral reef that is teeming with all kinds of life. A visit to the Great Blue Hole is regarded by many as the one thing no tourist can miss when visiting Belize.

No matter what tours you book, you’ll appreciate your ability to understand and speak at least a little Spanish if you’re headed to Belize soon, so be sure to contact us to learn about how we can help you brush up on your skills before then. Good luck planning your trip and discovering the hidden highlights of this tiny, but mesmerizing, country!